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Year Two's Blog - 29th April

Welcome to Year Two's blog


Welcome to the Summer Term! We are looking forward to a fun-packed but busy term ahead. The first half term is a very short one - just 4 weeks and 4 days long. Towards the end of the half term in May, the children will be carrying out the SATs assessments. This will be similar to assessments the children have already done throughout Year One and Two, so will not be anything new to them. We very much play down these assessments. They are used to inform our ongoing teacher assessment which takes plays continuously.


What we have been doing this week


As you may recall, we have tweaked our approach to the curriculum. Rather than focusing on one topic for two weeks or so, the children will have a lesson of science, geography and art each week up until half term. Our topics are:

'Brilliant Plants' - Read the science knowledge organiser here.

'Super Sculpture' 

'Incredible India' - Read the geography knowledge organiser here.


In maths the children have been learning about time. We have revisited telling the time to the hour and half hour intervals, moving on to telling time to quarter hour and then to 5 minute intervals. Some children have already impressed us with how great they are at telling the time. You can read our knowledge organiser here.


In writing, we have read the story of 'The Dark'. The children have written their own descriptions of the Dark using ideas from the book as inspiration, using expanded noun phrases, suffixes and possessive apostrophes. You can the topic sheet here.



What we are learning next week


In maths the children will continue to learn about time. Our aim is for children to be exposed to telling the time to 5 minute intervals. Some children may need further consolidation of telling the time to half hour and quarter hour intervals first. We will also be working out the duration of time, for example, how long a bus journey is.  You can read our knowledge organiser here.


In writing, we will be using the story of 'The Dark' to write our own stories, but from the perspective of the dark. The children will be applying much of the knowledge they have been focusing on, including using adverbial phrases, possessive apostrophes and suffixes You can the topic sheet here. 


We will continue our science work on plants. The children will be looking at the different variety of seeds and bulbs and making careful observations.


In geography, the children will be locating physical and human features of the United Kingdom.


In art the children will be observing the human form, looking carefully and limbs and joints in preparation for creating their own clay models later in the half term.


Next week's spellings

Set A

(for children doing RWI)

Set B

(for children not doing RWI)

We are focusing on words containing

the 'air' and 'are' grapheme










We will be focusing on using

the 'double' rule when adding

'est' and 'er' suffixes to

words ending in a single 










Wow Work


So, which children have been the top Doodlers this week?

Which children have been reading at least 3 times a week?


Doodle Maths Stars

(total number of Doodle stars earned per class)


Extra playtime












Weekly Reads

(How many children in the class have read 3 times)




Extra playtime








Take a look at the photos below to see what the children have been up to this week.