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Breakfast Club

Upton Infant School runs a daily Breakfast Club for both Upton Infant and Junior School pupils. Children can be dropped off at school from 7.45 am to breakfast club.They have a choice of a variety of healthy breakfast options and can take part in a variety of activities.








If you would like your child to attend Breakfast Club, please speak to Mrs Earl or Mrs Steele in the school office.

After School Childcare


We are well aware of the difficulties working parents face with childcare and I completely understand parent frustration with our inability to provide after school child care on site. The main reason we have not been able to host one this year is space. The only viable space would be our school hall and throughout this year we have gone through a cycle of putting Covid restrictions in place and then easing them again. When the restrictions are in place the school hall is the only space we can meet as a staff while maintaining social distancing therefore we have been unable to have a consistent space to use for childcare.


We are in the process of starting a link with our Junior school so our children can access the after school club based at their school. We have set this for an initial 10 spaces to see what the demand looks like as previously when we had this we had no more than three children accessing it on any one day. We have not set this up sooner as we were unable to mix the children during the periods when the restrictions were in place.


If after setting this up it is clear that the demand is greater than the initial 10 spaces we will either work with the Junior school to expand the numbers or set one up on our site as we appear to be living in a time of no Covid restrictions.