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COVID-19 Reopening Summary

School Reopening Summary


The school will reopen on Monday 8th March to all children. This is a summary of the key information regarding the reopening:


  • We have, and will, endeavour to ensure that our school environment is as safe as it can be, as described in our risk assessment.
  • Each classroom has been arranged to allow as much distancing as possible in line with guidance from central government. 
  • Children will have their own personal resources such as pencils, scissors and glue sticks.
  • Hand gel stations are located around the school and in each classroom.
  • Regular hand washing will take place throughout the day.
  • Year group 'bubbles' have different start, finish, lunch and break times to ensure bubbles do not mix.
  • Classes within each year group do not mix - although break times for classes in each year group are at the same time, the playgrounds are zoned to ensure children from different classes do not mix.
  • Risk assessments and systems of controls have been completed, will be reviewed and updated regularly.



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