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COVID-19 Reopening Summary


This is a summary of the key information to minimise transmission of Covid-19


  • We have, and will, endeavour to ensure that our school environment is as safe as it can be, as described in our risk assessment.
  • Everyone entering the site will clean their hands using sanitizer.
  • Enhanced cleaning is in place.
  • Hand gel stations are located around the school and in each classroom.
  • Regular hand washing will take place throughout the day.
  • All rooms will be well ventilated
  • Contacts between classes and adults will be minimised when transmission rates are high.
  • Anyone showing symptoms of Covid-19 will leave the premises and follow the latest guidance about isolating and testing
  • Visitors to the school will be restricted during periods of high transmission rates and have to socially distance and wear face coverings.
  • Risk assessments have been completed using national and local guidance and will be reviewed and updated regularly.
  • Staff are encouraged to be vaccinated. 



Covid 19 Risk Assessment

Symptoms and whether to send your child to school