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Communities Week

This week has been communities week at Upton Infant School. We have learning about the different communities of which we are part alongside thinking about our rights and responsibilities.


Monday - Our Class


Today each class was thinking about what makes them unique and working on ideas to improve their class or year group environment through artwork, tidying or gardening.


Tuesday - Our Country


Today we learned about our country and the constituent countries of the United Kingdom. We also remembered those people who fought for our country during World War I, the hundredth anniversary of which falls in several weeks time.


It was also the day when the annual 'Upton's Got Talent' final took place.




Wednesday - Our World


Today, the children came to school dressed as a country of their choice. They spent the day learning about the culture, customs and geography of different countries around the world. At the end of the day, children performed or exhibited their work in a special assembly.



Thursday - Our School


Today, children focused on their school community. The first ever Upton Infant School Horticultural Show took place, and the judges were overwhelmed with the quality of entrants in the many categories.


Friday - Our Local Community


Today the children will be taking their learning into the wider community. We will update you with what the children got up to at the end of the day.