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Welcome to Reception

Our classes in Reception are called the Ladybirds, Caterpillars and Dragonflies.

Ladybirds ClassCaterpillars ClassDragonflies Class

Mrs Best & Mrs Perryman


Mrs Nicklen

Mrs Gdesis & Mrs Edge


Mrs Palmer

Mrs Thow


Mrs Hooper & Mrs Jones


Click the link below to view a PowerPoint about Read, Write Inc. It will help give you some information about how we teach phonics in school and how to support your child with their reading at home. Please see your child's class teacher if have any questions. 


Here are the links to the videos used in the PowerPoint Slides.


What is Read, Write, Inc. phonics?



Read, Write, Inc. in the autumn term.



'Fred Talk' (from 7mins 30secs)



How to say the sounds.



'Fred Fingers' for spelling.



You can access your child's Tapestry learning journey via the link below: 


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Information for parents:



Parents' guide

to reading


Parents' Guide

to Maths