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Year Two's Weekly Blog

Welcome to this week's Year Two blog. 


What we have been doing this week


There was some excitement in Year Two this week when a flying saucer crash landed in the playground. It turns out that a friendly little alien called Beegu had got lost. The children read a story all about her and have begun to retell the story.


In maths, children have been learning about the value of 2-digit numbers, representing them and partitioning them in different ways. You can see some of the ways they have been doing this in the 'anchor chart' in the photos below.


The children have also started tom learn about what we need to stay healthy. They considered what three things they would need to take with them to survive on another planet - although most of them wanted to take ipads, teddies and sweets, hopefully they now appreciate that they would need air, water and food!


What we are learning next week


Next week we will be continuing to write about the friendly little alien, Beegu. The children will be retelling their own Beegu stories, with a particular focus on the correct use of capital letters and full stops.


In maths, we will continue our work on 2-digit numbers. We will be exploring how to compare and order 2-digit numbers and practising to read and write numbers in numerals and words.


Wow Work


Take a look at some of the pictures below where you will see some if the fantastic learning the children have been doing this week. This week, Woodpeckers have topped the Doodle maths chart which means they have earned extra play time. Well done Woodpeckers!


Doodle Maths Stars

(total number of Doodle stars earned per class)


 Extra playtime