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Year Two's Blog - 3rd Decmber

Welcome to Year Two's blog. 


It was lovely to see the children and staff in their festive jumpers today and starting to get into the Christmas spirit. Our Christmas tree is looking very colourful now!


What we have been doing this week


This week in literacy, we have been continuing our writing using the story 'The River'. The children wrote their own stories based on the river in the present tense, ensuring the use the correct  tense in their writing.


In maths, we began  to learn about money. We familiarised ourselves with the different coins and notes, and used them to make different amounts of money.


In science we began to learn about materials - how they are used for different purposes, their properties and how they can be changed. You can see the 'knowledge and skills organiser' here.


What we are learning next week


In maths, we will continue to look at money. We will be finding totals, working out change and finding the difference between amounts.


In our writing lessons next week we are going to apply our learning from the last two week about 'The River' and invent our own stories, thinking about adjectives, adverbs and interesting vocabulary.


In our science lessons we will continue to learn about materials. We investigate which materials are waterproof, planning a fair test, making predictions and drawing conclusions. You can see the 'knowledge and skills organiser' here.


There are no new spellings to learn for next week.


Wow Work


Once again, we have had some fantastic learning across the curriculum. See some of the super work in the photos below. 


Guess who's done the double again this week? Well done Woodpeckers for topping the Reading and Doodle charts again.


Doodle Maths Stars

(total number of Doodle stars earned per class)


 Extra playtime 











Weekly Reads

(How many children in the class have read 3 times)


 Extra playtime