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Year Two's Blog - 27th February

Welcome to Year Two's blog


What we learned last week


In maths last week we  consolidated our previous addition and subtraction learning, focusing on adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers. Take a look at the knowledge planner here.


In our literacy lessons, the children looked at what makes a good leaflet. They focused on persuasive writing and producing their own leaflet about an event at Upton Country Park.


In our art lessons, the children created their own landscape paintings, drawing on their skills they have developed over the previous  two weeks.


What we are learning this week


In maths this week we will be looking at the properties of 2D shapes, includes the names, number of sides, vertices and lines of symmetry. Here's our knowledge planner for this topic.


In our literacy lessons, the children will be learning about instructions - they will be making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and writing instructions for how to make them. Here's the information sheet for this topic.


We will be beginning a Design and Technology topic where children will be designing and creating their own shield-shapes purse or wallet. We will begin with learning how to sew using a running stitch. Here's the knowledge organiser for this topic.


Next week's spellings

Set A

(for children doing RWI)

Set B

(for children not doing RWI)

We are learning these 

'tricky words':








Words containing the 'el'

grapheme making

the 'l' sound