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Year Two's Blog - 25th June

Year Two's Weekly Blog


Welcome to this week's Blog which should keep you up to date with the goings on in Year Two! 


What we have been doing this week


The children have had a very busy week as always. Although we have been carrying out assessments this week, there has been plenty of time to fit in lots of fun.


This week the children have been revisiting doubling and halving as well as reading scales in steps of 2, 5 and 10.


In writing we have begun to look at how to write recounts of real life events and the children have also been focussing on grammar this week, including the using of possessive apostrophes.


On Thursday the children had a fantastic habitats day where they looked for minibeasts, created their own creatures using junk modelling and investigated the wide variety of different animal groups.


In our adventure afternoons the children have started to become Brilliant Mechanics. They have been beginning to look at the features of wheeled vehicles, including the axles and chassis, and beginning to practice using tools such as bench hooks and hacksaws.


What we are learning next week


Next week, we will be continuing to carry out end of year assessments. As we said previously, we don't make a big deal out of them so as not to make children feel anxious.


In our writing we will writing recounts, drawing on our experiences of our habitats fun day.


In maths next week we will be consolidating our learning from Year Two and carrying out end of year assessments. 


In our adventure afternoons will be starting to be Brilliant Mechanics. The children will be continuing to practice their skills using tools and designing and making their own vehicle to race in the 'Wacky Races'. 


Next week’s spellings:


Set A

(children doing RWI)

Set B

(children NOT doing RWI)

turn illness
hurt happiness
burp enjoyment
dirt excitement
skirt penniless
letter useless


Wow Work


Please seen below to see which class has topped the Year Two Doodle chart this week and which class are the top readers - they have earned extra playtime!


Weekly Reads

(number of children reading 3 or more times a week)






Extra playtime 

11 10 13


Doodle Maths Stars

(total number of Doodle stars earned per class)




Extra playtime