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Year Two's Blog - 24th June

Welcome to Year Two's blog


As we approach July, there are numerous events coming up over the coming weeks. Your child should have come home with a little timetable of the key events for the remainder of the term. Please see your class teacher if you have any queries, particularly if you would like to help on our trip to Upton Country Park.


What we have been doing this week


In maths we carried out problem solving investigations each day, involving addition and subtraction. Children had to apply their understanding to solve maths problems.


Mystery parcels arrived in the Year Two classrooms this week! The children had to work out where they have come from and who they belonged to which  inspired their writing for the week. They used expanded noun phrases and a brilliant range of punctuation to write character descriptions and diaries.


In science we investigated the micro habitats around school. We looked for minibeasts such as woodlice, spiders, worms and beetles. You can read the knowledge organiser here.


In history, the children learned about the key events in Mary Seacole's life and plotted them on a timeline. You can read the knowledge organiser here. 


We also had a Spring clean afternoon. Children helped with weeding, tidying and collecting up leaves.


What we are learning next week


In maths we will be carrying out more problem solving investigations each day, focusing on multiplication and division. These will be fun puzzles in which children will have to apply their understanding to solve maths problems.


In literacy next week, we will be continuing to use prepositions in our writing. These tell us where something is or when it happened. We will be writing a log book, postcards and developing ideas for our final writing piece.


In science we will be planning an investigation to find out what the favourite habitat of a woodlouse is. You can read the knowledge organiser here.


Next week in history, the children will be creating a fact file to showcase all that they have learned so far about Mary Seacole. You can read the knowledge organiser here. 


In DT,  we will be drawing on our knowledge so far and designing  vehicle ready for our 'Wacky Races'. Each child will need to bring a box to make their vehicle out of. You can read the knowledge organiser here.


Here are next week's spellings:

Next week's spellings

Set A

(for children doing RWI)

Set B

(for children not doing RWI)

We are focusing on these

words containing the 'ur' phoneme:








We are focusing on words

containing the  suffixes

'-ness',  '-ment' and '-less'










Wow Work


The Woodpeckers have again done the double this week, topping the reading and Doodle Maths chart.


Doodle Maths Stars

(total number of Doodle stars earned per class)


Extra playtime












Weekly Reads

(How many children in the class have read 3 times)


Extra playtime 












And please see below for some pictures of the learning this week...