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Year Two's Blog - 13th May

Welcome to Year Two's blog


What we have been doing this week


In maths, we completed our learning on time and moved on to measuring length. The children used rulers to measure accurately in cm and m, ordering and comparing lengths using <, > and =.


In writing, we wrote stories about 'The Dark'. We compared this to the story 'The King who Banned the Dark.' The children wrote letters to the King to explain why they think the King should keep or remove the dark ban.  You can read the topic sheet here.


We continued our science topic on plants this week. The children's bean seedling had germinated and were looking amazing! They used magnifying glasses to observe them carefully before drawing them and replanting them. Read the science knowledge organiser here.


In geography, the children learned about India, looking particularly at  features such as the River Ganges, the Himalayan Mountains and the Thar Desert.  Read the geography knowledge organiser here.


In art the children explored the human form and practised a range of sculpting techniques and making joins with clay in preparation for their final pieces.


What we are learning next week


In maths we will continue our learning about measure. We will be using balances and scales to measure and compare mass in grams and kilograms. We will also be measuring and comparing capacity in ml and litres. You can see the knowledge organiser here.


Our literacy work next week will be based around 'House Held Up By Trees'. We will start the week by looking at seed packets and writing instructions. We will recap adverbs, conjunctions and end the week by writing a newspaper report. We will also begin to generate some super technical and story language. Why not look at where you look this week and name as many parts of the building as you can? Can you spot the eaves and guttering? How would you describe the different parts of your home? You can read the topic sheet here


In science next week we will begin a science investigation into how plants grow well. We investigate the best conditions for healthy growth. Read the science knowledge organiser here.


In geography next week, the children will learn the human features of India and create a poster of India's human and physical features. Read the geography knowledge organiser here.


In art next week, the children will be planning and designing their clay sculptures of themselves in preparation for their final pieces.


Next week's spellings

Set A

(for children doing RWI)

Set B

(for children not doing RWI)

We are focusing on words

containing the 'ow' and 'oa' grapheme









We will be focusing on using

the 'o' grapheme making the 'u' sound









Wow Work


The Woodpeckers have topped the Doodle chart yet again! Well done! Well done to the Squirrels who were the top class this week for the number of children reading 3 times or more.


Doodle Maths Stars

(total number of Doodle stars earned per class)


Extra playtime












Weekly Reads

(How many children in the class have read 3 times)




Extra playtime   








Take a look at the photos below to see what the children have been up to this week.