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Year Two Blog - 16th September

Welcome to Year Two


What we have been learning this week


In Maths this week, we have been learning how to partition 2 digit numbers in different ways. 


In literacy this week the children retold and wrote the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. They also wrote an apology letter to the three bears from Goldilocks' perspective.


In PSHE this week the children discussed their hopes and dreams for the upcoming year.


In art we continued our learning of using different pencils to practise shading and cross hatching.


In music this week the children continued to learn the song 'Tony Chestnut' using actions to accompany the song.


In history this week the children used the school's log book to find where the time capsule was buried in 2000. After it has had time to dry over the weekend, we will look more closely at what was inside! 


What we are learning next week


In Maths next week, we will be continuing our work on place value. We will be learning about different ways to partition two-digit numbers into different combinations of tens and ones. We will also be learning how to use estimation to place numbers on number lines as well as comparing numbers using the <, > and = symbols. You can read the knowledge organiser here.


In our literacy lessons next week we are going to be reading 'Me and You' by Anthony Browne and we will compare this book to the traditional tale of Goldilocks. We will be writing in the role of Goldilocks and editing our work. You can read the knowledge organiser here.


In science next week we will be learning the importance of keeping clean and carrying out an investigation into how it is best to wash our hands to remove germs. You can see more on our knowledge organiser.


In history next week we will be continuing our learning about the history of our school. We will be looking at the time capsule we dug up last week in more detail and we will be using all the artefacts and evidence we now know to plot it onto a timeline in chronological order. You can see the knowledge organiser here.


Next week in art, the children will be applying their sketching skills from this week to create a still-life drawing. They will be using shading, cross-hatching and blending to create a variety of effects. You can see more on our knowledge organiser.

Next week in Jigsaw, the children will be discussing rewards and consequences at school and what makes a great reward. They will be matching actions to consequences and discussing how important it is to stay safe at school.


Have a lovely weekend!