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Year One's Blog 1st April

Welcome to this week's Year One Blog


What we have been learning this week


This week in literacy, the children have planted a sunflower by following a set of instructions. The children then used this experience to write their own instructions.


In maths, we have been learning about volume and capacity The children are now able to use words such as full, empty, almost full and almost empty. Please see the knowledge and skills organiser.


This week we have been learning about Christianity and Easter. The children have made Easter cards and they have learnt why and how Christians and members of the community celebrate Easter.


What we are learning next week


In literacy we will be editing our own work independently and we will be writing our instructions based on how to grow a sunflower. Look out for next week's pictures of their wow work as their handwriting has blown us away!


In maths, we will continue to focus on volume and capacity.  Please see the knowledge and skills organiser. We will then focus on consolidating the learning so far in Year One.

We are continuing to look at how Easter is celebrated in the community.


Wow Work


At the bottom of the page you will be able to see the fantastic work the children have produced this week. Well done Year One!


The Otters have an extra play this week for their amazing efforts collecting Doodle Maths Stars, Well done Otters!


The Frogs have an extra play this week for their amazing efforts reading this week, Well done Frogs!



Doodle Maths Stars

(total number of Doodle stars earned per class)


extra play















Weekly Reads

(How many children in the class have read 3 times)




extra play