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Year One Blog 2nd December

Welcome to this week's Year One Blog


What we have been learning this week:


This week in literacy the children have been continuing with their story 'Send for a Superhero'. The children have designed their own superhero and have used this to create an adapted narrative of the original story. The children have embedded their learning of adjectives, suffixes and conjunctions into their stories.


This week in Maths we have continued with place value to 20. The children have partitioned their numbers into tens and ones using pictorial and concrete representations. They have also found one more and one less than numbers to 20 and have compared numbers using their greater than, less than and equal to symbols.


We are encouraging the children to use Doodle Maths at home to improve their maths fluency. If you do not know your child's login, please ask your class teacher.


In Science this week we have discussed the weather and have started a weather diary. The children have also created a rain gauge to observe rainfall over time.


In Art this week we have used created their own self-portraits using the artist techniques learnt: shading, cross-hatching and smudging. They have considered the placement of facial features to create their final piece.


We have been busy preparing for our Christmas play by practising singing the songs in our performance. We were lucky enough to be visited by Santa and one of his elves this week in school, too.



Have a lovely weekend everyone!








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Extra playtime