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Year One Blog 24th March

Welcome to this week's Year One Blog


What we have been learning this week:


This week we have been introduced to the story 'There's a Rang-tan in my bedroom'. They have looked at facts about deforestation and palm oil. They have created some 'did you know' questions using these facts.


This week in Maths we have been measuring the mass of objects using scales. We compared which objects were the heaviest and which were the lightest. We have measured their mass using cubes.


We are encouraging the children to use Doodle Maths at home to improve their maths fluency. If you do not know your child's login, please ask your class teacher.



In History this week we have created a family tree and named people in our family.


In Science this week we investigated which objects float and which sink and have recorded our findings in a table.


We have noticed that not all of the children are reading three times a week or more. Sadly, there are some children that are reading 0 times a week. Please make sure that you are reading with your child as much as possible to support their reading progress. 


Next week is break the rules day on Friday. Please see the school email for more details.


Have a great weekend everyone!



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Extra playtime