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Why are there pirates at school today?


Because there arghhh!


Mr Helm had been captured by pirates today, and his release would only be secured once the Year One children had completed a variety of pirate related tasks. Thankfully, the children worked very hard and by lunchtime Mr Helm was untied.


Meanwhile, Burglar Bill was spotted around school this morning. Thankfully, not much gets past our ever-vigilant caretaker, Mr Loe, who captured him and presented him to the Year Two children for cross examination. At first it was thought he was stealing, but after careful questioning by the  children, it turns out he was actually retuning items to school. Phew.


Whilst all this was going on, our Reception children were managing to have a much more serene day, with a watery inspired arts day resulting in some very creative work.


All these events helped to enthuse the children at the start of the new half term, kick starting their new topics. 


But please can we ask everyone to keep their eyes peeled for pirates over the coming weeks, as rumour has it some teachers may be asked to walk the plank...