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Where's Pirate Wally?

In the run up to Upton Carnival, Pirate Wally will be out and about around Upton. Each day a new clue to Pirate Wally's new location will appear on our website. Alternatively you can follow Pirate Wally @UptonInfant on twitter:  twitter.com/UptonInfant 


There will be prizes given at the end of the treasure hunt to those who manage to track down Wally each day, and a special prize to the person who can prove in the most imaginative way that they've found Wally each day.


Have you spotted Wally today? If not, here's Thursday's clue:


Pirate Wally has a date...

But watch the time - he can't be late.


Sometime on Friday morning he will be off again - here's the next clue:


Where's Wally now? Go take a stroll...

And grab yourself a bacon roll.


Good luck!