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School Council meet MP

Next year, all infant school children in the UK will be offered a daily free school meal. This week, our School Council had been finding out about the hot school meals. They spent the week keeping details of the hot meals, photographing and describing them, and surveying the pupils to find out their opinions.


They also compared the hot meals with the packed lunches which children brought in from home. They found a big variety in the packed lunches. Most children had sanwhiches and fruit with crsips, biscuits and squash. The School Council found that some packed lunches were very healthy and balanced, whereas others had more snacks, chocolates and crisps.


The School Council came to the opinion that the hot school meals provide a healthy lunch. Today they met with Mrs Brooke, our MP, to share their findings. Each of the School Councillors talked through the menu each day and the proportion of chilren who liked or disliked their lunches (the overwhelming majority of children enjoyed their lunch).