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School Allotment!

Mr Homer and the Mutter family spent Mothers' Day afternoon at the school's new allotment yesterday! Using some old scaffold boards, they created six raised beds for the children to plant fruit and vegetables in throughout the coming months. A huge thank you to the Mutter family for giving up their time to support this project! Here is a link to Mr Mutter's video of the afternoon...



The allotment is situated in Slough Lane (opposite the bottom of Sea View Road). Later this year we hope to set up a fruit and veg stall on the playground, at the end of the school day, in the hope that the allotment will fund itself - watch this space!


Until that point, we are in need of some donations and volunteers. If you, or somebody you know, would be willing to donate scaffold boards or paving slabs, we would be more than grateful! We would also like some more gardening tools for the children and as many helping hands as possible! If you are interested in getting involved, please speak to Mr Homer.