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Election Fever

On Thursday election fever gripped Upton Infant School. Groups of pupils across the school presented their manifestos to try to persuade the other children in school to vote for their proposal on how to spend £100 to 'improve' the school.


In a closely fought battle the winning parties were the 'Hide and Seek' party (-is this the new name for the Liberal Democrats?), the 'Fox Flash' party and the 'Swimmers go Crazy' party.  They promoted the ideas of spending the money on updating our role play costumes and purchasing some water fun equipment eg a big paddling pool and water pistols to be used as a class reward for collecting 100 gold coins.


Mr Helm (as Prime Minister) and Mrs Steele (as Chancellor) will now ensure that the manifesto promises are kept.


The opinion of the political commentators is that there appears to have been a big swing towards FUN at Upton Infant School.