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A week of visitors

Our Reception children have continued to enjoy a range of visitors this week as part of their 'People Who Help Us' topic.


Dr. Shepherd came to see us at the beginning of the week and she brought her doctor's kit with her containing all sorts of interesting things like stethoscopes, eye and ear torches and her thermometer. The children had lots of questions for her about her job and enjoyed telling her all about their own different ailments they were suffering from!


Jon Sweet from Dorset Fire and Rescue Service came to school today and taught us lots about keeping safe in the home and what to do if there's a fire (get out, stay out and call 999). We got to try on some child-sized uniforms - trying to do so in under 1 minute, practised a  'stop, drop and roll' and even did a wake and shake with him.


The Ladybirds had another visitor this afternoon - Nurse White. She wore her uniform and talked about all the different things a nurse on a hospital ward has to do. She also told us about her uniform and the other different coloured uniforms that different types of nurses wear. She showed us how to put on bandages and we had lots of fun bandaging each other's arms and legs!


The day finished with a visit from a local fire engine and crew who showed us inside their fire engine and let us all have a go spraying the hose. What a fun-filled afternoon we had!


Thank you so much to all our wonderful visitors. We are learning so much from these visits.