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A Sparkly Start to term

The school was a hive of activity today as each year group kick started their new topics.


Unfortunately, Reception's topic didn't quite get off to the start they were hoping for. Mr Williams had burnt his toast, triggering the fire alarm. Mr Helm noticed that the school trophies had all been taken and a thief was spotted running off with a bag of loot. Meanwhile, Mr Mace fell off the ladder whilst cleaning a window. Thankfully there were some genuine super heroes at hand to help out, and it led the children to think about other people who help us, which is what their new topic is all about.


In Year One, the children's day started with an aeroplane trip to Kenya where they met African drummer Noah. The children thoroughly enjoyed joining in the drumming themselves. They also found out lots of facts about Africa and created some super chalk drawings of Kenyan wildlife.


And as if the sound of African drums wasn't enough, Year Two started their Indian topic by inviting Punjabi drummer Vijay in to school to teach them some incredible dance moves. They also enjoyed tasting Indian food and creating Diwali Diyas, which are small clay pots filled with oil, lit during the Hindu festival of Diwali.


What a super start to the new half term we have had.