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Thursday 4th March

Active Time

Today's active time is a Joe Wicks workout! Click on the picture below.

Activity 1

Welcome to World Book Day! This year, the day's activities are based round Tom Fletcher's books 'There's a ..... in your Book'.  We will start by watching a video of Tom reading the story 'There's a Monster in my Book'.

Activity 2

Story time

Click on the pictures to watch the videos.


Activity 3

For this activity you can choose to use the worksheet attached or complete the task on a separate piece of paper.


Recreating a book cover challenge

More fun activities to try...

World Book Day slides

Story time

Caterpillar crunches and munches his way through the blackberry bush. When he sees his friends Bumblebee, Sparrow, and Butterfly flying, Caterpillar wants to fly, too.


This video has been uploaded onto Tapestry.