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The Learning Crew

Ike tells us what we are going to learn in each lesson. At the top of each piece of work we have an 'I can...' statement.           


           Suki tells us how to be successful in our work. She gives us a series of steps to follow or some features which we need to include to make our work the best it could be.


Fred the Frog helps us with our Phonics learning. He helps us with words which can be segmented, such as   f - r - o - g .             


        Trixie also helps us with our phonics learning, although she is always trying to trick us! She likes to trick us with 'tricky words' which cannot be segmented such as  'was'  or   'people'  .


Eric the Owl is there to watch us when we are working on an independent task during Guided Reading sessions. Eric's name stands for 'Everyone Reading IClass'.           


        Buzzy Bee helps us to learn new vocabulary in all areas of the curriculum. When we learn new words, they are written on the petals around Buzzy Bee's flower.


Green bubbles show us what we need to do to improve our work.       


     We have pink bubbles in our work to show us where we have been successful.