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Superhero Writing Targets


Each teacher has been turned into a 'Superhero', each one relating to a certain stage in the children's writing development. We hope the children will be motivated to achieve their targets and collect the various 'Staff Superheroes' and therefore make good progress with their writing.


All the targets include the symbols which are used when introducing the children's learning and marking their work. When a child has shown they have achieved their superhero target, they will move onto the next superhero and take their completed one home.


Athletic Antell Courageous Close Captain Cole
Cracking Crabb Dazzling Dawson Dynamic Dominey
Explosive Elliott Golden Gdesis Great Grounds
Heroic Helm Creative Croft Magical Monaghan
Mighty Marsh Perfect Pinkawa Super Smith
Urgent Earl Wizard Williams


Superhero Writing

Get motivated to do some super writing...