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Rights Respecting Schools

Upton Infant School is a Rights Respecting School.



The Rights of the Child are the heart of everything we do. Evidence of this can be seen around school, from school policies, classroom displays and even in the playground. Weekly assemblies are linked to the Rights of the Child.

Throughout each topic, and through weekly PSHE lessons, children are also taught a range of 'learning skills' to help them to develop as as confident, enthusiastic and effective learners.

The children have weekly opportunities to keep up to date with issues from around the world when they tune into a weekly 'Newsround' bulletin. The news stories are discussed in class and linked to the Rights of the Child.

School Council


The School Council meet regularly to feed back pupils thoughts on how to develop the school and are involved in tasks such as meeting the Governors, contributing to the School Development Plan and finding out the opinions of pupils through carrying out an annual pupil questionnaire.



Children take an active part in shaping their learning. At the beginning of each topic, children are asked what they would like to discover and do through the topic.

Each pupil also works alongside their teacher to evaluate their work to celebrate their successes and set their own targets.


Rights and Responsibilities

Children are encouraged to take on positions of responsibility in school. Each class has monitors for various roles, plus children can apply to become Playground Buddies, Scooter Lollipop people, Postmen and Scooter Wardens. Each year, one representative from each class is elected onto the School Council.

Although Upton is not a particularly culturally diverse area, we believe it is important for our pupils to gain a wider perspective on their place in the world. Children learn about a variety of religions and cultures and contrasting localities. The school has formed links with an international school in Hong Kong.


Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions rather than having to obey school rules. Charters, which are mutually agreed by teachers and pupils, are created by each class. The school also has a whole school charter, playground charter and charters for shared areas and assemblies.


Global Citizens


Hong Kong & Upton Video

A joint song by Upton Infant School pupils and Hong Kong's Discovery Bay School pupils

In each year group, children learn about another part of the world. During these sessions, pupils compare and contrast their own lives and homes with that of children in other parts of the world. Children consider how the rights that they enjoy may or may not be enjoyed by children in other countries.


Children also learn about Fair Trade and reflect upon how their own actions and choices can affect people around the world. Robert, from Fair Ground has visited school to explain more about Fair Trade.




Charity Work

Upton Infant School  supports a number of charities. Charities supported recently include Children in Need, Jeans for Genes, Sport Relief, Cancer Research, Operation Christmas Child and Row 4 Recovery.


Each year, the school council select a fundraising cause for the year. Two years ago, the School Council adopted Upton Heath as a charity partner. The Heath was devastated by fire last year and Dorset Wildlife Trust are working tirelessly to restore it. The children organised a number of events throughout the year to help raise funds to support the valuable work if the Wildlife Trust and raised nearly £1000 for this important local resource.


Last year, the School Council selected Project Mala as their fundraising cause. The school raised £800 for the charity which funds schools for children in India who may otherwise not receive an education. Each class 'adopted' a pupil from a Project Mala school in India to find out about their family, home and school.


This year the school is working to raise money for Dorset Search Dogs. This group of volunteers assist the police in finding missing persons using dogs that they train for the purpose.





The school has an active Eco Club which work to enhance the natural environment of Upton Infant School.

Through its work for Upton Heath, the school also ensures it is working to look after the wider environment too.