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Learning Skills

We aim for Upton Infant School pupils to develop as confident, enthusiastic and effective learners by providing an education that provides opportunities for all children to fulfill their potential through an engaging, broad and rich curriculum.


To help achieve this, children are taught to develop a range of learning skills throughout the year. Every curriculum topic has a learning skill associated with it, as follows:


Children will learn to take responsibility for themselves, others and their environment. This will link with forming class charters, appointing the school council, class monitors, looking after the classroom, routines, conduct around school, lining up etc.



Children will learn to work together for a joint purpose or goal. Within a team, children will take on different roles and develop the skills of listening, communicating, diplomacy and leadership.



Children will learn to take responsibility for themselves and their learning. Children will learn to take responsibility for resources (eg pencils, paint etc). Children will monitor their own learning in line with the school’s marking scheme. Children will be encouraged to find their own solutions to learning obstacles (for example, when unsure what to do next in a piece of work).



Children will learn to communicate in a variety of ways, for example through presentations, study buddies, group work and using ICT. Children will learn to speak effectively to different audiences.



Children will learn to self motivate to overcome challenges, and learn the skills of perseverance and bouncing back. A ‘can do’ attitude will be promoted and children will be encouraged to be proud of meeting goals. Through developing self-confidence, children will be encouraged to take risks.


Enquiring Mind                              

Children will be encouraged to think critically, planning, making decisions about achieving a goal and solving problems. Children will complete a ‘Plan-Do-Review’ project by thinking of ideas and ways to solve a problem and finding new ways to do things. The skills of planning, mind mapping and research will be taught.