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Friday 5th March

Welcome to Friday's home learning!

The home learning, resources and links for today are set out for you below. The lesson videos you will need for Read, Write, Inc., Maths and Topic have been uploaded onto your child's Tapestry journal. 

Active Time

Today's active time is one of Andy's Wild Workouts. Click on the picture below. 

Read, Write, Inc. 

Red Books

This is the Read, Write, Inc. lesson to use if your child was previously watching the 'Ditties' level for their phonics. If your child is finding this level too difficult please focus on just reading and writing the speed sounds and green words. There are also some words games to play in their home learning pack. If you feel your child needs an additional challenge, they can try the 'Green book' videos. 

Green Books

This is the Read, Write, Inc. lesson to use if your child was previously watching the 'red/green books' videos. If your child is finding this level too difficult, they can do the 'Red books' lesson instead.


The video for today's maths video can be found on Tapestry. 


Here is an additional home learning activity to practise the skills learnt in this lesson.


Today's topic activity is to have a go at writing some simple instructions for making pancakes. If you didn't have chance to make any yesterday, you can watch the following video first (click on the picture). 


You can use the blank worksheet attached or you can write it straight into your home learning exercise book. Remember to use your 'Fred Fingers' to help you sound out the words and to write your letters neatly and starting and finishing in the right place. You can choose which chilli challenge is best for your child to either support or extend their learning.


Chilli Challenge! 



Write a single word or couple of words e.g. mix it / cook it  using your 'Fred fingers'. 



Write a simple sentence using your 'Fred fingers'.



Write a simple sentence using your 'Fred fingers' and the word 'and' e.g. Put in the egg and mix'.


Below are some examples of the kind of sentences that your child could have a go at writing. Some words, like the name of the ingredients will be tricky. they can either have a go at sounding out these words using their Fred Fingers (e.g. flour might look like flawa) or they can copy them.


Put in the flour, milk and eggs. 

Mix it. 

Put the oil in the pan.

Drop the batter into the pan. 

Cook the pancake. 

Put on the sugar and lemon.

Eat it all up. 


Story time

There once was a very ugly bug, with spotted legs, googly eyes and a horrible hairy back. She wonders why her friends have pretty small eyes, shiny green backs, or nice fluttery wings. The ugly bug thought that if she looked like her friends, then she would be more beautiful.


This video has been uploaded onto Tapestry.