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All children are encouraged to do their best at Upton Infant School. Children's hard work, effort, attitude and behaviour is celebrated at our weekly Golden Assembly on Fridays.




Each week, every class teacher chooses two children in their class who have demonstrated outstanding behaviour, effort or attitude to learning to be rewarded with 'Critterficates'. These certificates are rewards for displaying the characteristics of learning that we teach the children through our Learning Critters. The children's names are published each fortnight in the school's Parents' Newsletter.

Golden Book


Children who produce outstanding pieces of work are chosen to be celebrated in the Golden Book. The Golden Book contains work from all year groups and is displayed in the School Foyer for all to see.


Dojo Poins


Every class has a 'Dojo Shop' with items for sale. The children can buy these using their Dojo points which they receive from staff for positive behaviour. The items in the shops are for sale for different amounts, smaller items may be ten Dojo Points while bigger rewards may 'cost' fifty Dojo points. However for negative behaviour Dojo points can be taken away. The idea for this is to encourage saving while rewarding the children as we teach about consequences.