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COVID-19 School Partial Reopening Summary

School Partial Reopening Summary


The school will reopen on Monday 1st June to Reception and Key Worker children. This is a summary of the key information regarding the partial reopening:


  • We have, and will, endeavour to ensure that our school environment is as safe as it can be, as described in our risk assessment.
  • Each classroom has been assessed and the number of children capped at a limit to ensure social distancing within the classrooms, in line with guidance from central government.
  • Seven classrooms have been designated Reception classrooms with a maximum of 12 children in each.
  • One classroom and the library has been designated a Year One classroom, allowing a maximum of 21 children (14 in the classroom, 7 in the library)
  • One classroom has been designated a Year Two classroom with a maximum of 15 children.
  • Parents of Reception children, or Key Worker parents of Year One or Two children must inform the school by contacting the school office by a Thursday if they wish their child to return to school. We will only be able to accept children up to the point that we meet the capacity set for the classrooms.
  • Each classroom (or ‘bubble’) have designated teachers and teaching assistants who do not move between bubbles.
  • Children within each bubble have different start, finish, lunch and break times to ensure bubbles do not mix.
  • Reception children are taught in the following bubbles:

Starfish, Periwinkles, Crabs, Fish, Seahorses, Jellyfish, Barnacles,

  • Year One children are taught in the ‘Oystercatcher’ and ‘Puffin’ bubbles.
  • Year Two children are taught in the ‘Guillemot’ bubbles.