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In Upton Infant School we assess our children's progress in Literacy in a number of ways.

In literacy, children are assessed throughout their time at Upton Infant School. This is done through assessment of their daily work. In addition to this, children undertake assessment activities during each half term. 

In writing we carry out the BIG write. The children write independently and the work is assessed with them. 

In reading we carry out regular phonics assessment from the Letters and Sounds document. We also do miscue analysis of their reading to support our daily assessments.

Children's attainment is discussed with parents at termly parent / teacher consultations and is reported in the annual end of year report.

In Year One the children undertake the National Phonics Check. The results are reported to parents with their report. At the end of Year Two, children undertake National Curriculum tests in reading and writing to support the assessments carried out by the teachers.

At the end of Reception (Foundation Stage) and the end of Year Two (the end of Key Stage One), the school reports the levels of all children to Government, and this is also reported to parents.