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Every child is unique and amazingly precious - and deserves to be nurtured and developed to the best of our ability. The environment in which they are growing up is both exciting and daunting, complicated and rapidly changing.


Their education as a result needs to be carefully designed to enable them to rise to the challenge and go on to live fulfilled, successful and happy lives as a valued member of their community.


As a partnership of schools, we are committed to helping you to help your children do this.


We want to see our children develop into young adults at ease both as individuals and members of the community who: 


- are ambitious, have a can-do attitude and a strong work ethic 
- are compassionate, tolerant and understanding of others 
- have a sense of responsibility and obligation towards others 
- are confident and intelligent risk takers 
- are resilient and determined, undaunted by setbacks 
- are resourceful, inventive and entrepreneurial 
- are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy 
- are well mannered and respectful of others 
- have strong and well thought through values consistent with the broad Christian values of the country 
- have pride in themselves, the school and their community 
- are distinctively and uniquely themselves 
- value and are actively committed to the wellbeing of their community


Right from the earliest years, we want them to be able to read and express themselves well and to be good with numbers. We want them to enjoy learning and to have a thirst for knowledge; to become creative and reflective learners and to be fluent in using technologies. By the time they leave us, we want them to have experienced a world class education resulting in outstanding examination results that open the doors wide to their futures.