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SEND Report to Parents 2016-2017

SEN Information leaflet for parents 2016/17

Spring term Evaluation 2017

"Buddy was wicked, he is awesome."

"I love brushing him, it made me feel happy."

"I liked brushing buddy.  We had so many brushes to choose from for all different buits of him."

"I felt brave brushing Buddy and it makes me feel proud of myself."

"I might sound strange but i loved picking up the poo."

I loved having our picnic in the hay bales."

"I like working together and doing jobs."

Welcome to Upton Infant School's Inclusion Page



" ...all pupils are doing well, including those known to be eligible for free school meals and pupils whose circumstances make them potentially vulnerable. Disabled pupils and those with special educational needs make strong individual progress as a result of support which is often exemplary. "


Ofsted 2012

Meet the team:


Nadine Dawson-Quinton 
Inclusion Leader




         Mrs Perch

Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

(ELSA-Ocean Room)




Mrs Weaver

Speech and Language Teaching Assistant

(SLCN- Ocean Room)



                                                 Mrs Whitchurch

Multi-Sensory learning Teaching Assistant





Mrs Rawlings

Learn to Move/Move to Learn Teaching Assistant






Mrs Rose

Firm Foundations and EAL Teaching Assistant








Mrs Vaughan and Mrs Homer

The Reading Recovery team






Mrs Farrow

1st Class @ No. (Maths booster group)




"At Upton Infant School we believe Inclusion is meant in the widest sense. It incorporates children and young people as well as the rights of parents/carers, students and all staff" 

Some of the regular interventions we run include:

  • ELSA in the Rainbow Room(emotional and social skills)
  • Play Leaders (playtime social skills)
  • FFT Reading Recovery (1-1 literacy support)
  • 1st Class @ Number (small group maths support
  • Learn to Move/Move to Learn (gross and fine motor skills)
  • Firm Foundations Reading Support (1-1 reading support)
  • Reading Buddies (1-1 extra reading)
  • Extra TA support in Year One and Two (6 children receive extra TA support every morning)
  • Dragonfly Den (additional classroom space for individual learning)
  • Reduced class sizes with additional teacher for core subjects in Year 2
  • Pony Therapy (language development)
  • Pets 4 therapy
  • Social Communication Breakfast Club
  • Multi Sensory Learning (Developing areas of the memory to support literacy and numeracy)
  • Speech and Language (1-1 language development)
  • The Summer Transition Project (alongside the Children's Centre and local pre-schools)
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